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Soothing the Soul

Published on April 06, 2017

The new book of poetry "Soothing the Soul" by Serge Kozlovsky continues where the previous one left off. This book contains more poems, unique coloring pages, and practical exercises for therapy of mind and soul. Poetry of Serge Kozlovsky is full of light and compassion. The author searches for enlightenment and divinity in everyday life and in things that may seem ordinary at first sight. All aforesaid including a positive approach and clearness of the author's language - these features distinguish the creative work by Serge Kozlovsky from poetry written before.

By Russell Suereth

Apr 20, 2017

Here is a great book called "Soothing the Soul", by Serge Kozlovsky. Overall, it’s a short book that overflows with a wealth of opportunities for relaxing, growing and learning. There are several sections of the book that I really love. First are his small poems that ring throughout the book at this place and then the next. “There in a twilight region of perception Where slumber and reality are out of distinction Behind the shade of fears and anothers’ hopes You’ll find yourself…” There are also several coloring sections and though I’m an adult I enjoy returning to the coloring I did as a child. At times, I almost think it’s childish, but Mr. Kozlovsky provides a brain-activation explanation for my enjoyment which I’m thankful for. Soothing the Soul is spiritual and practical at the same time. This is the sweet-spot that’s most important to me, and that Mr.Kozlovsky addresses head on. To be successful at that requires a super-human degree of thoughtfulness, consideration, and intelligence. It’s obvious that Serge Kozlovsky excels at all three.

By Laura Bailey

Apr 27, 2017

What may seem to be a book for children only, there are coloring pages, turns out to be a visual treat and wonderful therapeutic exercise for adults as well. I enjoyed reading this book a great deal and recommend it to everyone who is still a child at heart. You will love it !

By Robert

Jun 28, 2017

I've always been very fond of Serge's poetry in relation to my own music or in his books. His new release "Soothing the Soul" not only has reflective poetry to enjoy yet also is a great way to release your thoughts and feelings through writing and artistic expression. This can be done on ones own or with others contributing. Take a moment to find peace and discover more within yourself through his writings.

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