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This world is made of paradoxes
Making sense of them is no easy task

Serge Kozlovsky


It’s hard to understand
But love is key to our world

Serge Kozlovsky


There is no single color
To paint this world

Serge Kozlovsky



Spring rain washes away any dirt

The time of those rains is getting closer

Serge Kozlovsky


In suffering or at peace with yourself,
No one should put up with war.

Serge Kozlovsky


Looking into the space abyss
Can you see yourself?…

Serge Kozlovsky


My creative work does successfully continue.

I invite you to visit my Facebook page and read two of my new reviews — of the album «Mysteria» by Louis Colaiannia and «Traveling the Blissful Highway» by Darlene Koldenhoven.

The direct link is:


Everything we know about our world
Just a drop dissolved in water

Serge Kozlovsky


My recent book Motivational Quotes Book by Serge Kozlovsky is available in three various versions on Amazon: Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. Choose the book option for you.


How sad to realize that in our age
There are madmen who dream of war 

Serge Kozlovsky

23.12 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, my friends!
I wish all of us a very successful new year filled with joy and pleasant events!
Be healthy, creatively active and full of love!



The Christmas holiday season is getting closer and closer. Make yourself some cool gifts of Serge Kozlovsky’s books. Your link is


We are happy to share exciting news with you! We’ve started some new projects on Amazon. These are notebooks with unique covers that exists in two formats — paperback and hardcover. Please, visit here and see an example of our new work:



Who happened to live on this amazing land

Who will survive in a blazing fire

That human will remember

How was the struggle between good and evil here


Serge Kozlovsky



Love and poetry are always together.

An amazing calendar for 2022 contains unique photos and quotes by Serge Kozlovsky.


ARC Music & Naxos World October new releases

Album: Changys Baglaash
Artist: Khöömei Beat
Label: ARC Music
Cat#: EUCD2954
Released: Friday 22nd October 2021


ARC Music & Naxos World October new releases

Album: Songs for Leena – Improvisations on the Hopi Long Flute
Artist: Gary Stroutsos
Label: ARC Music
Cat#: EUCD2953
Released: Friday 22nd October 2021


*** We’re looking for each other by footprints in the sand
Until the tide begins to wash away all traces

Serge Kozlovsky


I am proud to represent you my newest book “From Everyday to Evermore”.

This book can not replace psychology, psychiatry or medicines that may be needed to a full quality of life but the book “From Everyday to Evermore” will undoubtedly help you to live your own unique life! Enjoy!


I am happy to share some exciting news with you!

I have received a proof copy of my newest poetry book «The Elegant Enlightenment»! We finally made it! My recent poetry pieces were included in «The Elegant Enlightenment». These poems have been inspired by amazing events happened in my home сountry


I've prepared a new review of amazing album “Downpour” by John Baumgardner!


* * *

The future is alredy in your room Just see and realize it

Serge Kozlovsky

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