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Joanne Kathleen Rowling,
writer, United Kingdom
You are a fantastic writer, Serge!
You draw your readers in to a fantasy world rich with witty humor and interesting characters! I hope someday you will get these stories published because you would captivate audiences everywhere! I wish the best of luck to you and keep it up!
Laura Sullivan,
Grammy Winning Composer and Recording
Artist, USA
Thank you so much for sharing your very deep and spiritual poems.
I enjoyed reading them today. Please keep them coming!
Michael Hoppe,
Grammy Award nominated
composer, USA
Just read your excellent article. You have obviously given the subject a lot of thought, and it is impressive what you write.
When I reflect what music means to me, New Age or otherwise, it is a way of reaching 'the other side'. I would like to think that although there are many changes in the genre, the spiritual aspect will always be present in one form or other.
Great article, Serge. Thank you!
Carol Cole, Psy.D. USA
I  eally enjoyed reading your fairy tales! I think my favorite is about the frog. I like your ideas, your characters, and especially your ability to "tie together" the different scenes and making them all make sense. That alone, shows a real talent for creative writing!
I think I already told you, but I really admire your ability to be multi-lingual - especially when it comes to English. I would love to see these fairy tales either printed in a book, or presented in a manner which would allow people all over the world to enjoy them!    
Suzanne Ciani,
five-time Grammy award-nominated
composer, USA
Thank-you for your beautifully-written review.  I appreciate your taking the time to communicate your perceptions so poetically, so that your listeners can have an idea about the music. Great job! Wonderful!

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