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Responses of non-fiction books

By Gina
Jan 15, 2018

This workbook really focuses on finding, understanding and appreciating
yourself. Through completing the activities, one can examine their inner
strengths, identify weaknesses and ways to overcome them. A general
theme to this workbook is that an open heart for love and forgiveness
correlates with peace and happiness. Thinking about the prompts and
completing the activities evokes a range of emotions. You will
undoubtedly identify things about yourself that are not where you want
them to be. I have learned that the goal should not be to be "perfect" but
to improve in areas you feel are necessary. This workbook is a wonderful
tool that sets you on a journey to living your fullest, happiest life.

By Veronica Coney  
Jan 13, 2018

This self-care read a guide to inner healing workbook has a poetic
energized flow of endless possibilities, using love. peace, forgiveness,
and reflections as conduits for overcoming life's challenges. I enjoyed
how the author encourages ancient secrets that past societies have
used to restore wholeness to the inner workings of the heart I will
personally practice these groundbreaking practical exercises to repair
any damage that might be stored in my childhood memories, that might
have caused me to have a stubborn heart at times Thank You! Author
Sincerely Veronica Coney Founder oF Healthy Inspirational Living (H.I.L )

By Jeff Sloane
Apr 14, 2017

As with so much in life, the more we know about something, the more
we can use the knowledge to accomplish the great many tasks that life
has before us. The same can be said about our lives as well. The more
we know about ourselves, the easier it can be to navigate the best
course of action. "Nourishment of Being" provides the reader the means
to filter through life's mundane with poetic readings and creative writing
exercises. One rediscovers those particulars of what makes us happy,
sad, sparkle and fade. I don't like little antidotes but when one see the
flowers, one can become aware of the colors that now fill the landscape.
This makes for a healthier vision of the world around. It's the ability to
notice something positive despite that which may not, that helps a
person to see beyond and choose a happier direction. A health spiritual
state of being is not something you're born with nor is it something that
you just achieve and then always keep with us. It's something you're
born with nor is it something that you just achieve and then always
keep with us. It's something that one works to develop and has to
always work at if we are to keep it healthy. This book is a fun reading
experience and one that can be shared with those around you.

By bruno.misonne
Jan 10, 2017

« Nourishment of being ; Mantras and meditations for the contemporary
woman », would according to its author Serge Kozlovsky be directed
towards females. It puzzles me why he makes this claim, and my best
guess is that the many drawings in this book definitely represent the
feminine aspect of life. Where this gets interesting is the fact this book
is all about an exploration of our inner self. And my opinion as a male,
is that to perform this kind of introspection, we have to take some
distance from our « masculin pride », and look for our feminin side,
which offers better «searching tools » such as intuition and to be
emotional and sensitive. Thus, Serge’s images are very helpful for men
to be in a « feminin state of mind ». And to make a long story short :
This book is just as good for females as for males ! Whenever I open
this book I start to dream, and my mind starts to wander, far away from
our materialistic world and daily worries. Serge Kozlovsky’s book
reminds me of the « homeworks » we had at school because this book
is highly interactive and Serge is our teacher, our guide along this
adventure. Our reward when doing our homework properly is to find
power of healing, happiness and inner peace! I would not recommend
to start to write down immediately your first thoughts in this book : Take
your time, use drafts where you can make plenty of corrections and
adjustments, and only afterwards write it all down in Serge’s book with
your most beautiful handwriting. And one day, when you will be gone,
your loved ones may find this book and start dreaming about you and
who you were : This book is you !

By Carol Cole, Psy.D. Aug 3, 2016

I really enjoyed reading "Nourishment of Being" and know the contents
have been proven to be very successful - both for women and for men.
In today's world, the level of stress has become overwhelming to a lot of
people. By taking the time to read and practice these easy-to-understand
methods of relaxation, they will find - as Tibetan monks have - their
health and longevity will increase

By Bill Wren
Jul 27, 2016

Nourishment of Soul Mantras and Meditations for the Contemporary
Woman is very insightful. Based on wisdom and common sense. My
wife loves the book and finds it helpful and instructive in her daily walk.
We both highly recommend the book.

By Lia Scallon
Jan 4, 2017

This new work from Serge Kozlovsky is an inspirational and practical tool
for those seeking to delve further into the inner recesses of their being.
Nurturing, uplifting and contemplative mantras placed within a workbook
format, lead the reader on a journey inward towards self knowledge and
understanding. The modern world can be a chaotic place, bombarded as
we are by continual outer stimuli. Serge's book offers the reader respite,
and a way to find that calm place within where through gentle
self-analysis, one can come to know and understand the deeper
impulses of one's soul.

By Russell Suereth
Dec 28, 2016

I received this book a few days ago and it's even better than I thought it
would be. Serge Kozlovsky has created a book that you can use for
positive thoughts and practical meditation. It's setup in an easy and
friendly manner such that each page, or couple of pages is focused
plainly and simply on a particular thought or feeling. There are thought
exercises and coloring activities (if you wish) that get you deeper into
the area of focus. I love this creative and useful book and I highly
recommend it. And it's not just for women! Thank you Mr. Kozlovsky.

By Davol Tedder
Nov 28, 2016

Introspective and thoughtful, Serge presents readers with great starting
points for further contemplation. A personal workspace for
self-awareness and enlightenment.

By robert slap
Nov 1, 2016

The new work by Serge Kozlovsky is a wonderful collection of ideas and
tools for self analysis..... Something I have always believed in rather than
the dogmas of religion and organized spirituality..... This book is a great
way to organize your thoughts and reflect upon what you may discover
about yourself within these pages.. I would say "Look in the mirror, boy”!!!
The world we live in has changed so fast in the post WWII era, leaving
many of us confused, depressed and withdrawn, unable to move forward
on the path we choose. This writing provides a resource of mantras,
positive thoughts, and exercises designed with a personal touch, since
each of us has different ideas, goals and emotional content. I like this
because it is important to write down your thoughts and read them back
to yourself to "keep in touch" whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis......
Also included is a nice coloring book for those who love art but
cannot draw!!! (Like Moi)... I have worked in the New Age field for over
35 years and find this to be a simple, fresh approach to empowering the
inner soul and I applaud Serge on his new release!!!!!

By clive stevens
Oct 11, 2016

This is a lovely book dedicated to the Goddess Energy and we need the
feminine wisdom at this sensarional moment of transformation. It is an
interactive experience in a one-of-a-kind way. Serge has expressed the
feelings, desires , goals of a New Earth , where we can all live in harmony ,
peace and unity, Together humans , galactic beings , animals , avians ,
oceanic sea life , cetaceans , plants , minerals and in fact all sentient
beings on the surface , inside the earth and all across our Sol solar
system can live in a vibrant , creative , higher vibratory universe.

Sep 10, 2016

Through a series of positive and contemplative phrases and exercises,
readers are taken on a journey of self exploration and reflection.
This book is challenging, but in a good way - challenging the reader
to think and reflect. Nourishment of Being is useful for expanding a
positive view of self and to support purposeful self reflection for those
faced with challenges as well as everyday life. Highly recommended.

By Anne Trenning
Sep 8, 2016

This is a thoughtful compilation of insights which caries the reader to an
introspective and nourishing place. Accessible and straightforward,
it provides the means to journal reactions and emotions as you venture
through the pages, enabling reflection and tangible introspection for later
perusal. There is work to be accomplished in reading these pages and
the reader is left with a sense of accomplishment and renewal upon
reading. A lovely, heartfelt presentation.

By Marleen Kingsley
Aug 15, 2016

What a wonderful book! Serge has inspired us to take an inner journey
of self-discovery and introspection. The book is beautifully interactive
with original mantras, illustrations, places for notes, coloring pages and
more! Definitely not limited to women only... There is something for
everyone in this instructive and delightful book!

By cwild777
Aug 6, 2016

Serge’s nourishing book has a beautiful intention and successfully
accomplishes its goal of being a guide to inner exploration, both for
men and women. The positive and compassionate suggestions and
affirmations are a patient mentor to those wishing to explore the inner
self. Well worth the price of admission!

By Laura Bailey
Aug 6, 2016

Serge Kozlovsky has written a very valuable exercise in inner discovery.
The interactive nature is new and refreshing and it is a delight to read. I
would especially recommend this book to teachers as a guide to their
exceptional students and their parents...Always something new to be
learned here!

By paul adams
Jul 27, 2016

A very helpful book / workbook for anyone wanting to take the journey
of self discovery. Not really limited to just women ... but anyone wanting
to understand that deeper part of your spirit self!!! Very nice to have !!.
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