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By M.Hoppe
March 2, 2022

Serge Kozlovsky has written several books to both inspire and guide the spirit.This is another concise guide to the heart. One can open this slim volume at any point, and always met by insight, both poetic and uplifting. Bravo, Serge.

By Chas Los Angeles
February 12, 2022

Serge's well-intentioned book presents the reader with a gentle path to sanity, to letting go the challenges of living in our fast paced e-world.  It's an instruction manual for survival centered in mind and spirit, and on staying focused on gratitude and love in our lives.  Thank you Mr. Kozlovsky.  Well worth the read.

By Angela Ford
February 13, 2022

Serge Kozlovsky's book provides wisdom and guidance to help us through the stresses of daily life.  The book can help keep one centered and balanced as one goes through life. The book gives us hope and faith and teaches us that there is a bigger picture for us than what we can imagine.  Serge teaches us to love ourselves and to have unconditional love for others.  I highly recommend this book because it can bring joy to your life.

By stuart shorter
February 26, 2022

The book contains unique author quotes by Serge Kozlovsky.

By Scott wandless
February 26 , 2022

Readers' lives change for the better after reading.

By Usmaan
February 26, 2022

Quotes are short and informative - this saves the reader time.

By Scott Dirk Schutz
February 26 , 2022

Quotes by Serge Kozlovsky reflect the modern world we live in today.

By Rainer Manning
February 26, 2022

Got lots of quotes, love it.

By IvanF.
February 26 , 2022

The book is well-thought-out.

By Amazon Customer
February 21, 2022

Serge has once again delivered a powerful and useful book!  I highly recommend this amazing book. It has something for everyone

By Anne Trenning
March 8, 2022

Outstanding. Something for everyone

By “leejnr”
March 1, 2022

This is an excellent motivation book indeed! I was very inspired after reading it!

By anomosuios
February 14, 2022

WhaAnother Excellent book by Serge!

By Lorrie Sarafin
April 17, 2022

In a world of chaos this book offers a refuge. Well done!

By zukan
April 17, 2022

Grab this if you can. Great read!

By Rich Brodsky
April 18, 2022

Great book of Motivational Quotes! Highly recommended!

By Amelie Decleor
April 15, 2022

Serge is a wonderful person who shares his many profound insights of life to help others be more aware and inspired.

By James Combs
April 17, 2022

A great reference to start every day.

By Andrew Pietruschka
May 7, 2022

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