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Responses of non-fiction books-4

By Louis M. Colaiannia
October 14, 2019

A very well written and thought provoking book/workbook. I have enjoyed all of Serge Kozlovsky's work but I think this one is my favorite. Thought provoking and soulful! I highly recommend!.

By Amazon Customer  
October 8, 2019

This is a wonderful book. I recently received it and cannot put it down. A perfect combination of writing and illustrations make this a excellent read. I would highly recommend this.

M. Hoppe
September 28, 2019

Serge Kozlovsky, has written a very practical, and well thought out exercise, to help and benefit probably a lot of people. Bravo, Serge, for creating another poetic book that can really benefit those who are open to use it.

Aug 26, 2019

Relaxation Guru Serge Kozlovsky has done it again! Eternity's Song is a thought provoking book offering a blend of text, graphics, exercises and colouring pages. You can literally open the book to any page and dwell there, immersing yourself in what is offered, inviting you to think, participate and reflect. Recommended!

By cwild777
Aug 21, 2019

Serge has written another well-intentioned spiritual self-help book to help us connect both with ourselves and with the sometimes chaotic world we live in. Serge's suggestions can help lead you on your journey to inner peace.

By Sarah Wineholt
Jul 3, 2019

Eternity's Song is a wonderful book! It provides various options to help those in spiritual or emotional turmoil and I highly recommend it!

By Amazon Customer  
January 28, 2020

This book is so very helpful in so many ways! So well written and put
together I have reread it many times and am certain to be reading it
several more. The content is not only clear to read and understand but
also so useful for someone trying to better understand themselves.
I highly recommend this book!!!

By Chas in Los Angeles  
January 16, 2020

Serge's book, From Everyday to Evermore, is a soulful workbook, filled
with instructive and effective exercises and suggestions to help we
humans navigate the inevitable ups and downs in our lives. Thank you
Serge for an encouraging and thoughtful book, and for being a soul
guide. Highly recommend.

by ChuckW
Feb 28, 2021

Serge Kozlovsky's Elegant Enlightenment is a well-intentioned and useful
workbook for those on the path to a deeper spirituality and self discovery,
designed for women, but suitable for everyone, including kids of all ages.
Serge uses many tools... mantras, meditation, question and answer, and
creative drawing exercises to lead us gently into an elegant enlightenment.

By Jeff Sloane  May 15, 2020

IAs with the turning of the tide, each passing day comes in and then
passes back away again. Every time that it does, subtle changes occur.
Seldom are they even noticed. Over time though, that which we once
knew is slowly replaced with something seemingly unfamiliar. These
changes occur within ourselves as well. These to can go without notice.
It's how we end up on the wrong path at times.... With this, a question
comes to mind, how well can we find our way to where it is we want to
be, if we don't truly know where it is or even what is that we want to be?
Perhaps an even more important question, how do we know for certain
it's the right place if we don't first come to realize what it is that makes
us happy or even who we truly are? Beginning down a very long path,
a journey of sorts, going through all the right motions but without a for
certain "known" destination. Do we even know what our strengths
might actually be? Does the venture that we're working towards play
to those strengths or to our weaknesses? What about our dislikes and
passions, are these being placed within the equation? Being successful
does not equal being happy. Keep in mind, sometimes it's the journey
that it takes to get us there that makes a target undesirable. It should
be a "need to know before we go" thing to think about.

With in the pages of this book, you will not find the meaning to life nor
will you find any short cuts to success either. The one who reads and
then provides an honest answer to some very direct questions, might
then find that the road to piece and calm is a much easier path to travel
towards. The puzzles, mantras, de-stressing worksheets and poetry, all
gathered here in this book, are geared to help us understand the inner
most workings of our emotional gyroscope. They help to amplify that
inner voice that tells us to either go left or to go right, to choose
between red or blue, and also, to help us understand and listen to the
heart that so many of our piers tell us to follow. This inner version of
our self grows as we do, becoming ever so stronger with the wisdom
that we gain from the experiences we encounter which then guides us
to purpose. Feed it the wrong coordinates, misguided you will find
yourself. Stay true to the guiding principals that have you aspire to
higher ideals, a much need roadmap to happier situations you will
then find.

There is so much in life that we encounter and if we had only a greater
sense of self not to mention a better understanding of how we
ourselves operate, we might then find that we are far more capable
of coping with our stresses and navigating around those obstacles t
hat vex us, both with greater ease. Many of the questions asked within this book will help to focus your thoughts on what might truly matter most by journey's end. Your answers will lead you to greater continuity within the relations that you find yourself as well as provide a better foot hold in finding your most heart felt path towards a more fulfilling career choice. One may find that they already know the answers to these questions but have strayed too far from their own hearts to hear what it has to say anymore. Your answers to these questions can help bring you back to a more centered understanding of yourself and provide a clearer picture on the mechanics of what makes you the better you.

There are at least three times in our lives where I feel it is essential to become acquainted with oneself, revisiting to accommodate for change. We are fluid entities, evolving by the day. The directions that we're traveling should also reflect these changes.

One might think of making the first of these before one finishes their High Schooling years. One can't hit a target that one can not see. So often we're under the influence of others that it's far too easy to end up following someone else's path rather then that of our own. Don't just go some place but know why and what it would mean for you to find yourself there. Plot a course and see what you might learn along the way.
Whether it's in our late twenties or early thirties, I believe it to be a fine time to reassess the directions that we've been traveling... So much in change will have taken place by this time and whether we find ourselves on our chosen path or still looking for one, it might be a nice time to realign and fine tune our balance. At this conjunction, it's not too late to begin again, setting a new course to where the directions that we set for might lead to less stressing situations and be far more inline with the types of activities that bring us greater satisfaction. When the professions that we find ourselves engaged with encompass that which we excel and enjoy, we find ourselves more at ease with the world we exist as well as with most of those who we share it with. This can trickle down into every aspects of our lives and with less stress to filter through, along with better coping skills, the dilemma brought by others will have less of an impact.

There does come a time though when everyone needs to take a hard look at where they find themselves. Decide whether or not it might be best to embrace the wondrous things that might lie right here within our immediate grasp and let loose of some of those far off and yet still unobtained distant goals, many of which may reflect more upon our earlier versions of self rather then the person who we've become. Though I never want to discourage anyone from striving forward towards a quest that they've set before themselves, I do discourage anyone from letting the life that's worth living pass them by without first taking a moment to enjoy the beauty that's always around. Successful accomplishments without connecting with the world and those who we share it with is just that, a list of items on a sheet of paper. No memories through time woven together to wrap around ourselves as we grow older. It's one of the more pivotal moments in our time line when we can take a look back and say, yes, it's all been worth it. It's here where one finds the security needed to feel whole so that when our time comes to pass, we can do so with ease and without regret.

The answers you seek to shine as light upon the path you travel will come truly from within. You already know what the answers are. No one knows you better then you know yourself. Don't give the power of choice away nor place yourself in a situation where you are then held in check. Use the questions found within this book to help isolate your thoughts to a focused purpose and then dare yourself to proceed forward. The questions that you will find here are stationary. The answers that you provide are variant and where the relevance can then be found. Everyone's journey is unique to themselves and your answers will reflect this. Remember, you need to put this knowledge to good use for it to be of any working value. Knowing something is not what's important, it's what you choose to do with it that set you free. You might understand that smoking is bad for you but if you don't do what it takes to better your situation, then don't ask the "how come" question should the ill effects someday come into being. We get only one life to live. For everyone, the circumstance is different. Sometimes it's not very fair. You can't change what you have no control over but with that which you can, do what ever it takes legally within your power to provide for the greatest possible advantage. Don't be the person of empty gestures. Say what you mean and do what you say. If you can't be honest with yourself then the lies coming from everyone else can't be distinguished from that of your own. This is where it all begins if you want to be that person who stands for what they believe in. After that, one finds it easier to believe in themselves. This with confidence allows for so much more in opportunities.

"From Everyday to Evermore" is the latest book from Serge Kozlovsky. He has several. They can all be found on Lulu and Amazon. They're economically priced. The questions found within these books are all different but the focus still remains the same. Provide the reader with the best opportunity for learning the many diverse particularities for whom they themselves are. Suggest how best to use this information to live a more well adjusted life and how to cohesively interact with the persons for whom you surround yourself with. You're the moving mechanism in your own life. Learn to utilize what you know to make it special. If done right, you won't need another.

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