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Responses of non-fiction books-3

By M. Hoppe
May 6, 2018

Simple and effective
Anybody who is able to write simply and effectively about meditation, deserves to be heard!
I appreciated Serge Kozlovsky's hands-on approach to this subject, and found the methods
featuring mantras and meditations in this slim easy-to-read
book well worth exploring...

By Paul Adams
April 7, 2018

How pleasant it was to read your fairy tales. I found myself right in the
middle of the gnomes village observing Mr. Shipikachek, Dr. Mogle,
Scarla and company in their many exploits. I love the way you
developed each inhabitant of this magical place. Well done, a very
enjoyable read indeed

By Greg Utech
Feb 26, 2019

Serge Kozlovsky’s poetry and reviewing style are quite amazing.
He seems to pick the right words at the right time, every time,
and just when you think you have settled into A nice reading
mode, he totally turns the corner and flips it into even more
beautifully written stories .

By Laura Bailey
Dec 4, 2018

Another great book from Serge Kozlovsky ! A pleasure to read from
beginning to end. Do yourself a big favor and read and enjoy this book

By Vince Ippolito Dec 1, 2018

Another fine writing from the "Relaxing Guru" Been enjoying all of Serge's books!

Sep 6, 2018

Another triumph from "Relaxation Guru" Serge Kozlovsky.
A must read!

By Russell Suereth  
Mar 10, 2018

I ordered this book a month ago and I’ve been waiting to open it. This is another of Serge Kozlovsky’s wonderful creations that is just what is needed today. In this book are simple steps and guides to go through daily problems involving stress, anger, and relaxation. I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this fine book of inner peace from relaxation guru Serge Kozlovsky!

By Stephen Iliffe  
Feb 28, 2018

IIn the 21st century, more than ever, we as human beings need to reflect on our purpose in the cosmos. Why are we here? Where have we come from? Where are we going? While the spread of globalism and the internet and the free exchange of information, ideas and cultures has bought many benefits, it has also bought confusion and conflict. Serge Kozlovsky’s book is a gentle invitation to reconnect with our inner selves and explore our true potential for goodness - as mediated by texts, images and puzzles. As the title implies, it is never too late to awaken from the chill of false illusions and find your true self in the cosmos. Highly recommended.

By Louis Colaiannia  Feb 24, 2018

A wonderful new release by Serge Kozlovsky. Awakening Chill shares practical wisdom and exquisite mantras to help reduce anxiety.

By cwild777  Jan 19, 2018

Relaxation guru Serge Kozlovsky has a beautiful intention with this practical and poetic guide to inner peace. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wishing you the very best with this release!

By Jeff Sloane
Jan 29, 2018

The poet steps up and with pen in hand, aims to hit his target. To help one become a more secure and confident individual. To do this, Serge Kozlovsky strengthens one's self perception by providing poetic coping scenarios that one encounters in his books. Using mantras, poetry and philosophic puzzles, one exercises their intuitive reasoning skills to not only better navigate life's quirky predicaments but to potentially recognize the elements and triggers of, to avoid them all together. With three books to his credit, this next one will take us through different aspects of what is becoming a far more excepting way of dealing with and the treating of frustration and depression. Here's the best part, it comes from what you already have. Your own reasoning ability. Like with all muscles, when not used, they atrophy. When we let anger or despair dictate our actions, they usually get the better of us. Serge's writings are like emotional and intellectual books of mental exercise. No book is the start but work in unison for the common goal, you. One can start their reading with any of these books. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "Awakening Chill" because I always have room for improvement and in striving to being the best I can be, will always be constant work of continues exercise.

By cwild777  
Jul 18, 2018

Wishing Serge the very best with his book of mantras and meditations! Thank you Serge for helping to bring peace to our world.

By Jeff Sloane  
Nov 24, 2018

"Calm In The Storm," a fitting title for a book that helps
one find a sense of Calm when one finds themselves
in turbulent times. However, one should not wait until
one finds themselves in such circumstance. Guidance
and a healthy sense of being is gained through a life
time of thought and practice. As with diet and exorcise,
we must work our minds and our social practices as
well. Relationships, regardless of type (romantic,
professional, political, religious, even neighborly) are
all relations that we participate in regularly. The person
who has a great understanding of how a person
operates is a person who can navigate far easier, those
many diverse personalities and variant attitudes that
we encounter. However, the most complex individual
that we most often encounter and always with some
difficulty, is our self. Sometimes we worry so much
about the external conflicts that we forget that the inner
piece that we need to be whole and to stand strong with,
comes when we can channel our own frustrations and
inner turmoil. Serge Kozlovsky has dedicated most of
his time to the study of emotional mechanics. An art in
practice over centuries and through many different
cultures. Serge's books place together little exercises
that help ourselves separate the thoughts from facts.
Mantras, to sharpen our focus. Mental exorcises to
place at ease our emotional vibrations. These practices
lessen our stresses, a direct path to better physical
health and which contributes to an overall equilibrium
that we then share with the world that surrounds us. I
t's so easy to fall victim to the negativity that we're
bombarded with on a daily basis. However, if we lack
the strength to see the good in things, all we're going
to see is the bad. Without practice, that's all we'll see
in ourselves as well. "Calm In The Storm," walks you
hand in hand though the intricate processes to better
understand how to be a better "you." Something that I
believe should start when one is young and continue to
rehearse until we pass on.
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