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Responses of poetry

Gaylene, USA

I read your two poems "Farewell" and "Understanding" and thought they were both
just beautiful, you have a wonderful gift.

Stephen Iliffe, United Kingdom

Thanks for your new poetry. Your words speak to anyone regardless of their culture
or language!

Jamie Bonk, Canada

Great job on the new poems.... you're really very talented!!

Laura Sullivan, USA

Thank you so much for sharing your very deep and spiritual poems. I enjoyed reading
them today. Please keep them coming!

Layne Longfellow, USA

I like your poetry very much!

Jim Centorino, USA

Thank you for sharing your new poetry. You are truly perceptive, descriptive, and talented.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

James Forte, USA

Your poems are deep and insightful. I appreciate them greatly.

Moira Nelson, USA

I enjoyed your thoughtful poetry. Keep up the good work.

John Balint, USA

Thank you for sharing your new poetry. I enjoyed reading it very much

Louis Colaiannia, USA

Your poetry is very deep and every time I read your work I discover
something new

Colin Rayment, Canada

Very thought provoking poems
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