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Responses of Fairy Tales

Joanne Kathleen Rowling, writer, United Kingdom

You are a fantastic writer, Serge!
You draw your readers in to a fantasy world rich with witty humor
and interesting characters! I hope someday you will get these stories
published because you would captivate audiences everywhere! I wish
the best of luck to you and keep it up!

Bill Wren, USA

How pleasant it was to read your fairy tales. I found myself right in the
middle of the gnomes village observing Mr. Shipikachek, Dr. Mogle,
Scarla and company in their many exploits. I love the way you
developed each inhabitant of this magical place. Well done, a very
enjoyable read indeed

Stephen Illiffe, United Kingdom

Thanks for the link to your fairy tales section. I read three this morning.
Very thoughtful stories, each with a moral message, but told also with
humour and inventiveness. I especially liked A FAIRY TALE OF DOCTOR
MOGLE AND A MEDICAL EXAMINATION because it shows you can
never use technology to replace human intelligence.
Best wishes from London,

Diane Arkenstone, USA

I just read the 3 stories and they are very sweet, I enjoyed them very
much! You are a beautiful artist/writer with many talents! Thank you
for sharing your wonderful stories, people all over the world will love
them as well.
Many blessings to you.

Daniel Domenge, France

…since one moment i was like a child to read the fairy tales , it was
easy to imagine the characters and their world .
Thanks for this moment , and congrats for all you do.

Suzanne Teng, USA

Сute Fairy Tales, thanks for sharing!

Dr. Carol Cole, USA

I really enjoyed reading your fairy tales! I think my favorite is about the
frog. I like your ideas, your characters, and especially your ability to "tie
together" the different scenes and making them all make sense. That
alone, shows a real talent for creative writing!
I think I already told you, but I really admire your ability to be
multi-lingual - especially when it comes to English. I would love to see
these fairy tales either printed in a book, or presented in a manner
which would allow people all over the world to enjoy them!

Indiana Bach, South Korea

I like your fairy tale project. I wish you can have your own books.

Michele Ippolito, USA

The Fairy Tales you wrote were interesting, creative and imaginative.
Your story lines our thoughtful. Vince and I liked the names of your
characters very much.Keep up the good work. I wish you Much
Success and all the Best!

Stefan Sangitom Petersilge, Germany

I just read your fairy tales and they are really so lovely! Great work!

Kathryn Smith, USA

LOL... your fairy tales are quite clever. I like the fact that the cannon
fired vegetables.And that Scarla ends up dirty in the jelly escapade.
LOL... and the medical examination, where did that come from!
Too cute. Thank you for sharing. Good Luck!  I'm sure it will be well

Matt Labarge, USA

Serge Kozlovsky is writing a new generation of fairy tales - set in
today's world, but with all the wonder, fun, and discovery of classic fairy
tales. They are a pleasure to read!

Rod Kinny, USA

I read through a couple of the fairy tales. I thought they were very
imaginative. I really appreciate you as a writer.

Erick Moncollin, France

I really like your fairy tales...! Good inspiration and voyage...

Louis Colaiannia, USA

I have been reading your fairy tales and I wanted to write you and tell
you how much I am enjoying reading your work. Your Fairy Tales are
charming and the way you write makes me feel as if I'm right there with
your characters. I really liked the story of the giant frog. I just found out
I am going to be a grandfather and I can't wait until I can share your fairy
tales with my grandchild. I can't wait to see the look on the face of a child
when they hear about the giant frog!
Thank you for sharing.

Archie Patterson, USA

Thanks for the info Sergey! I like them... (your fairy tales).

Jamie Bonk, Canada

Just checked out your new work... Good stuff!

Koji Matsuo, USA

I read your fairly tales. They're actually very funny!

Lia Scallon, Australia

I've had a look at your Fairytales - They're very sweet little tales!
Lia Scallon, Australia

Robert Linton, USA

I read through your writings, very nice! Thank you for sharing.

Bernward Koch, Germany

I read your fairy tales and enjoyed them very much.
Fred Thrane, USA
I really enjoy your Fairy Tales.

Kathryn Kaye, USA

I've read 3 of your Fairy Tales.  They're wonderful!  Refreshing and enchanting!  They took me back to childhood and a time when magic seemed to happen every day. Thank you for sharing yet another of your many talents.,

Julia Cunningham, USA

Thanks for sharing your new Modern Fairy Tales with me Serge. You're a GREAT writer! I enjoyed your bright, vibrant and humorous descriptions of the characters and your creative narratives about the outcome of their adventures. No doubt you will plant seeds of joy in peoples hearts (young & old!) with your new tales. Cheers to your continued success Serge!
Your friend and fan,

Callie Cardamon, USA

I read THE FAIRY TALE OF SHPIKACHEK LOOKING FOR AN IMPORTANT THING just now and found it fascinating! Your tale was excellent--the writing lovely and witty too!

Bruno Misonne, Belgium

I enjoy these tales a lot : They are very refreshing and imaginative. Their length is perfect and I love the way you keep the surprise for the end, making the reader wonder how the story could end. Thanks Serge for your tales - You are a very talented writer - and thanks Tatyana for your great translations that must not have been easy but you have succeeded wonderfully !

Russ Hewitt, USA

Love it - great stuff Serge..

Kat Epple, USA

I really enjoyed reading your Fairy Tales! They are excellent, fun, and very charming!

Eric Chapelle, USA

I just had the pleasure to finally take a moment and read your fairy tales.  I must say that I was captivated and enthralled by the characters and storyline. I love the way you keep the pace and portray a vivid imagination of describing the characters and scenes as they unfolded.  I would say my favorite one is the about the frog. Well done, and hope to see more work like this from you!

Ross Mabey, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed your Fairy Tales. I was immediately drawn into the story and felt that the characters were alive in my mind. Great descriptive writing. I wish you all the success that you deserve.

Chinmaya Dunster, India

Serge's tales have an innocence and freshness that is instantly captivating.

Lorrie Sarafin, USA

Delightful tales Serge! I thoroughly enjoyed them all and hoped that the evil sorceress Scarla would get her comeuppance! Thank-you for sharing them with us!

Dan Kennedy, USA

It looks great.

Swanyce Kroell, USA

I really love Shpikachek and his adventures. The young frog named Yomako and also the fairy tale about the jelly (Shpikachek looking for an important thing) got me smiling from the heart. Thanks for sharing these cute creative fairytales! They are really enjoyable.

Kathryn Toyama, USA

I finally had quality time to enjoy your delightful fairy tales tonight!! Your style of writing is so wonderfully descriptive that I feel as though I am standing right amongst the characters!
My favorite is the first one with the Young Frog Yomako :o) I think it would be perfect for an animation on screen! I enjoyed the setting of the magic forest and vegetable garden. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful imagination and creative talents. I really enjoyed your excerpts and look forward to reading the published book version!.

Michael Brant DeMaria

Congratulations! The Fairy Tales are wonderful! Full of heart, humor
and fascination. Thank you for sharing them with me - and with the
world. To continue to keep culture alive we all must continue to
create and follow the promptings of our heart and imagination
which you have.
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