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Awakening Chill

Published on January 18, 2018

Serge Kozlovsky, deemed “Relaxation Guru” has blessed us with a third book. A poetic approach to inner peace, this work is filled with mantras, meditations, and psychological worksheets, specifically designed to create self-knowledge and connect with the magical universe around us. While exploring ourselves with additional coloring pages and/ or filling in an Id flowchart, we will realize and embrace our full self. This New Age approach to an age-old problem, shows that Kozlovsky dares to breach limits, that most writers fear to explore!

By Jeff Sloane

Jan 29, 2018

The poet steps up and with pen in hand, aims to hit his target. To help one become a more secure and confident individual. To do this, Serge Kozlovsky strengthens one's self perception by providing poetic coping scenarios that one encounters in his books. Using mantras, poetry and philosophic puzzles, one exercises their intuitive reasoning skills to not only better navigate life's quirky predicaments but to potentially recognize the elements and triggers of, to avoid them all together. With three books to his credit, this next one will take us through different aspects of what is becoming a far more excepting way of dealing with and the treating of frustration and depression. Here's the best part, it comes from what you already have. Your own reasoning ability. Like with all muscles, when not used, they atrophy. When we let anger or despair dictate our actions, they usually get the better of us. Serge's writings are like emotional and intellectual books of mental exercise. No book is the start but work in unison for the common goal, you. One can start their reading with any of these books. I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "Awakening Chill" because I always have room for improvement and in striving to being the best I can be, will always be constant work of continues exercise.

By cwild777

Jan 19, 2018

Relaxation guru Serge Kozlovsky has a beautiful intention with this practical and poetic guide to inner peace. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wishing you the very best with this release!

By Louis Colaiannia

Feb 24, 2018

A wonderful new release by Serge Kozlovsky. Awakening Chill shares practical wisdom and exquisite mantras to help reduce anxiety.

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