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Nourishment of Being

Published on July 01, 2016

If the world has a new relaxation guru it's Serge Kozlovsky. Combining for the first time ever, mantras, meditations, coloring, psychology and stress reducers, this book is certain to make a very, real impact on the reader's life. This book includes exercises in affirmations, journaling prompts and even written regression therapies. The most proactive New Age book yet, it's certain to evoke healing and spiritual nourishment. Serge Kozlovsky started writing when he was six years old and has had an unquenchable thirst for the written word ever since. His website has hosted 39313 visitors and receives many more daily. For more info on his astounding talent please visit

By Gina

Jan 15, 2018

This workbook really focuses on finding, understanding and appreciating yourself. Through completing the activities, one can examine their inner strengths, identify weaknesses and ways to overcome them. A general theme to this workbook is that an open heart for love and forgiveness correlates with peace and happiness. Thinking about the prompts and completing the activities evokes a range of emotions. You will undoubtedly identify things about yourself that are not where you want them to be. I have learned that the goal should not be to be "perfect" but to improve in areas you feel are necessary. This workbook is a wonderful tool that sets you on a journey to living your fullest, happiest life.

By Carol Cole, Psy.D.

. Aug 3, 2016

I really enjoyed reading "Nourishment of Being" and know the contents have been proven to be very successful - both for women and for men. In today's world, the level of stress has become overwhelming to a lot of people. By taking the time to read and practice these easy-to-understand methods of relaxation, they will find - as Tibetan monks have - their health and longevity will increase

By clive stevens

Oct 11, 2016

This is a lovely book dedicated to the Goddess Energy and we need the feminine wisdom at this sensarional moment of transformation. It is an interactive experience in a one-of-a-kind way. Serge has expressed the feelings, desires , goals of a New Earth , where we can all live in harmony , peace and unity, Together humans , galactic beings , animals , avians , oceanic sea life , cetaceans , plants , minerals and in fact all sentient beings on the surface , inside the earth and all across our Sol solar system can live in a vibrant , creative , higher vibratory universe

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