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Calm In The Storm

Published on July17, 2018

Serge Kozlovsky is a poet and is quickly earning the title, “Relaxation Guru”

Serge Kozlovsky is a poet and is quickly earning the title, “Relaxation Guru”, due to his mantras and his “self-exploration” approach to poetic life. Find in his books, spiritual mantras, psychological worksheets geared toward self- improvement and inner- peace. Also included are gorgeous coloring pages created by award-winning artist, Angel Dunworth, that are aimed to help lower stress levels and to bring out the creative in all of us. This book is an absolute masterpiece. No one should be without it.

By Stephen Iliffe

Feb 28, 2018

In the 21st century, more than ever, we as human beings need to reflect on our purpose in the cosmos. Why are we here? Where have we come from? Where are we going? While the spread of globalism and the internet and the free exchange of information, ideas and cultures has bought many benefits, it has also bought confusion and conflict. Serge Kozlovsky’s book is a gentle invitation to reconnect with our inner selves and explore our true potential for goodness - as mediated by texts, images and puzzles. As the title implies, it is never too late to awaken from the chill of false illusions and find your true self in the cosmos. Highly recommended. .

By Jeff Sloane

Nov 24, 2018

"Calm In The Storm," a fitting title for a book that helps one find a sense of Calm when one finds themselves in turbulent times. However, one should not wait until one finds themselves in such circumstance. Guidance and a healthy sense of being is gained through a life time of thought and practice. As with diet and exorcise, we must work our minds and our social practices as well.

By cwild777

Jan 19, 2018

Relaxation guru Serge Kozlovsky has a beautiful intention with this practical and poetic guide to inner peace. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wishing you the very best with this release!.

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