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Snail and Duckling

Published on April 07, 2017

Neurographics is a method of art therapy. Neurographics is one of the newest and most fashionable psychological methods. It was developed by an architect from St. Petersburg Pavel Piskarev ( Neurographics is also based on psychological methods, such as Gestalt therapy and Kurt Lewin's field theory ( Our world consists of shapes and lines. Neurographics works within the personality field, harmonizes the inner world, and helps formulate the problem and find its solution. It models the new reality through the image, and relieves any form of negative emotions and stress. All the drawings in the book are made in the style of Neurographics by Natali Kozlovsky.

By Russell Suereth

Nov 5, 2017

Books are creations, and example from Serge Kozlovsky shows his consistent creative drive. His book “Snail and Duckling” unveils Serge’s unique style and expands the creative boundaries of thoughtful reading. It’s based on the idea of Neurographica which is a rapidly popular method of using the process of drawing to reduce stress. More importantly, though, is that this method is designed to affect brain neurons in a way that results in positive energy, and helps improve our solutions to life’s problems. We need more writers like Mr. Kozlovsky who have the courage and creative ability to take new techniques and ideas, and present them to us in a thoughtful and simple manner.

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